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Long Term Disability Lawyers: Denied Long-Term Disability Claim

Security of Long Term Disability Insurance If you are paying premiums for disability insurance (short-term disability insurance or long-term disability insurance), or are receiving disability benefits through your terms of employment, you have access to a financial safety net that is there to help you if you incur a sudden illness or injury. Long-term disability … Read more

Disability Buyout & LTD Buyout Lawyers

TSF’s disability buyout experts and LTD buyout lawyers are committed to helping individuals with their long-term disability lump sum buyout and disability buyout agreements. Our legal firm is tailored to servicing Canadians looking for long-term disability security and financial support. If you have a buyout offer, or are looking at a buyout agreement, we highly … Read more

Ontario Teachers Insurance Forms For Group Benefit Claims & Appeals

Teachers’ Insurance, provided through Manulife Insurance, is an insurance entity that Ontario teachers and policyholders rely on in times of need. When a Teachers’ Insurance claimant submits the required Teachers’ Insurance claim forms for insurance coverage, they expect to gain a peace of mind and access to Teachers’ Insurance benefits that can support their medical situation. … Read more

Arthritis Disability Claims

Arthritis afflicts the young and old; in Canada, there are over 8 million people affected by arthritis daily. According to The Public Health Agency of Canada, Arthritis is a chronic disease that is often incurable. An estimated 65% of those living with arthritis are women and close to 3/5 of those affected are younger than … Read more

Car Insurance Claims: What NOT to Do

When facing a medical illness or injury, it is common to feel overwhelmed and flustered, especially when having to deal with the necessary paperwork and deadlines required by an insurance company. Filing a disability claim means you will be able to access benefits that can aid in the healing process, as well as provide financial … Read more

SISIP Financial & CAF LTD Claims

The Canadian federal government offers it’s soldiers group insurance benefits through SISIP Financial and Manulife.Current serving Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, former members and their families are given access to financial advisors and insurance service representatives throughout Canada, located most often on bases/units/wings. SISIP provides long-term disability and critical illness coverage through the CAF disability … Read more

Introduction to Industrial Alliance

Industrial Alliance Financial Group (iA) is an established insurance provider to small and large businesses. While more popular in the province of Quebec, IA is used by employers in Ontario to provide there employees with group insurance plans that provide medical care, paramedical care, as well as short-term disability and long-term disability insurance. iA’s short … Read more

Great-West Life Appeal Process

If you are receiving healthcare benefits from Great-West Life (GWL), through your employer, then you are able to file a long-term disability claim to receive paid leave and financial support for the time you are recovering from an illness or injury. Unfortunately, many employees are faced with rejected disability claims when seeking coverage in these … Read more

Great West Life & Long-Term Disability

Employers often provide group benefits to their employees as an incentive for working with their company, as well as to guarantee that there is a financial support when a worker is unable to carry out their work duties. There are more than thirty different insurance companies that offer their services to Canadians and group benefits … Read more

Rideshare Accidents: 101

Ridesharing is a popular service that has been operating across Ontario since 2014. Companies include: Uber Lyft InstaRyde Facedrive ecoRIDES DriverHER RideCo Uride Many people rely on these services to get to places when time is of essence, to and from special events, as a safe means of transport when one has been drinking or … Read more