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Insurance companies have nothing to gain by paying your disability claim! Consequently, they can make the application process onerous and frustrating to navigate. Contact us for help.

If it appears that your condition will persist for over 120 days, it is advisable to apply for a long term disability claim early. You may suffer long term or short term disability as a result of an accident or even by reason of disabling medical conditions. One thing that you must know is that insurance companies have nothing to gain by paying your disability claim. Consequently, they make the application process onerous and frustrating to navigate especially when you are ill. As a result, only the most persistent applicants end up getting their settlements while the rest lose hope in the process and abandon it altogether.

Why You Need a Disability Claim Attorney

When making a claim for disability, you have to pay attention to the legal fine print. Disability claims no longer have anything to do with your well-being or justice but has everything to do with dollars and cents. Do not expect any sympathy or empathy from your insurer. Instead, the insurer will pit you against a team of doctors and lawyers instructed to protect the interests of the company. Your application may be rejected unless you understand the process clearly or enlist the services of a competent disability claim lawyer. Disability claim attorneys know how to fight insurance companies at their own game.

Denial of Disability Claims-Statistics

While insurance companies do not publish the number of long term disability claims that they deny. In 2016, 40.2% of all complaints submitted to the Ombudservice for life and health insurance related to disability insurance. Insurance companies deny claims not because they have any good reason to do so but just to save their costs. These statistics alone should convince you why you should not pursue your claim without a lawyer because your chances of success are deminished.

Some Facts Your Employer & Insurer Will Never Let You Know

  1. Up to 85 percent of low cost short term disability claims are funded by your employer and not the insurance company.
  2. Your employer hires the insurance company to administer the program on their behalf with instructions to expunge as many claims as possible.
  3. The insurance company may share your medical information with your employer without your consent.

These facts explain why the entire process of claiming long term disability benefits may appear as a conspiracy to frustrate you. First, the insurance company will tell you that your condition is not serious enough to be eligible for the benefits, even when all medical evidence points to the contrary. Almost simultaneously, you will receive a letter from your employer requiring you to resume work with veiled threats of termination for abandonment. The process is designed to frustrate you and benefit your employer. Legal representation will be vital in navigating through the process successfully.

Choosing the Right Attorney

Choosing a personal injury lawyer, an employment lawyer or a long term disability claim lawyer can be a daunting task. Nowadays, you do not need to worry so much because many law firms have experienced lawyers in different fields and work together to ensure that you get justice. If you choose an attorney, be sure that the person is capable of handling your claim. You can tell from the cases they have previously handled. Your friends or family who have gone through the process can refer you to the right attorney. Ensure, you conduct some background check online because most information on attorney’s specialty is available on their websites.

Where to Find a Disability Attorney

Disability attorneys are available in at least all Canadian cities including Ontario, Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie, Ottawa, Peterborough, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Windsor, Orangeville and Mississauga.

The Right Timing

It is most advisable to consult a disability attorney before going for sickness leave. The transition period is delicate and you could end up losing important benefits such as workplace medical plan. Consult the right attorney for you and keep an open dialogue about your disability claims process.

Do not wait until you have lost the first round of your claim to seek legal services. You may be exposed to stress which may affect your health further. Although with the right information and understanding you can file your disability claim and handle initial appeals effectively, there are chances that you may make some mistakes which cannot be remedied even if you hire a lawyer later on.

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