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Workplace Violence: Warning Signs & Risk Factors

Workplace violence and harassment is far more prevalent in certain fields such as correction and public health care. That being said, workplace violence and workplace harassment can appear in any work environment. To find out what is workplace violence, read our introductory article,here. It is up to the employer and those managing the workplace to … Read more

Workplace Violence & Harassment: An Introduction

While some forms of employment have reoccurring and expected encounters with violence and harassment from patrons and citizens, such as the police force and emergency health care centers, no employee in Canada should ever be subject to workplace violence and harassment that is fostered by their employer, manager or fellow employees. It is the duty … Read more

Eyesight Disability: Accommodations at Work

When an individual is dealing with a vision related disability, it often requires a period of adjustment for both them and their workplace. Most people who are dealing with slow vision loss insist on working until their disease progresses to a certain stage where they are deemed to have gone completely blind, or absolutely cannot … Read more

Mental Health Awareness Week

As the Canadian Mental Health Association states: “Mental Health is more than mental illness. It’s more than being happy all the time. It’s about feeling good about who you are, having balance in your life, and managing life’s highs and lows. Everyone deserves to feel well, whatever their mental health experience. And we all need … Read more

Disability and Service Animals

Service animals are working animals, not pets. When someone employs and owns a service animal, they are equipped with a medical aid that is trained to provide support directly for their owner’s or patient’s specific disability. When someone has succumb to a major injury or illness that leaves them disabled and requiring the help of … Read more

Bicycle Accidents

Since January, 2018, bicycles deaths have skyrocketed in Toronto. Road safety has been jeopardized by an influx of cars and reckless driving that has increased on our streets. Even the Mayor has taken note to the increase in cyclist deaths in the city, and road safety has been bumped up on the agenda for city … Read more

Steps To Apply for Disability Benefits in Canada

If you are planning to apply for disability benefits, you’ve come to the right place. Today, it is much easier to apply for benefits because the transaction can be done online. Before anything else, you need to determine whether you qualify or not. Qualifying for Disability Benefits Social Security Disability can be granted to someone … Read more

AIG Insurance Cut My Benefits: What To Do?

Whether you’re one of the unfortunate souls whom AIG insurance stopped long term disability payments, or have had a denied disability insurance AIG claim, worry not. Even if you have received an official letter as notice to their recent action to deny or stop benefits, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. In … Read more