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Child Injury Lawyer

When a child acquires a major injury or illness, it is both daunting for the child and their caregivers. A child’s vulnerability to certain injuries is linked to their stage of development and other social factors. Children are prone to different injuries and illnesses than adults; it is important that when a child is seriously … Read more

Importance of Hiring a Toronto Disability Lawyer For Your Disability Claim

What Does a Disability Lawyer Do? A Disability Lawyer is also referred to as a Disability Insurance Lawyer or a Disability Claim Lawyer. A disability lawyer has a primary focus and practice in disability law pertaining to disability insurance policies. These disability insurance policies are offered often by employers to their employees, through group benefits, … Read more

Car Insurance Claims: Top Things To Keep In Mind

The insurance claims process can become convoluted and overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with a medical crisis and/or surviving a traumatic event. It is important that you know the best things to do and pursue when filing a car insurance claim. By following these steps, you are ensuring a smooth navigation through the disability … Read more

Brain Injury & Pituitary Injury

Brain injuries are diagnosed through imaging tests conducted by a radiologist, and reviewed by a physician. In most cases, an E.R Doctor is the first to identify a brain injury after trauma to the head. Often trauma to the head occurs during a motor-vehicle accident (MVA), a sports related injury, or due to a person … Read more

School Bus Injuries

Many children across Canada rely on school bus transportation to and from centres of education, as well as a means of transport for athletic events and school excursions. A school bus is designed to protect children in case of a crash; Ontario bus drivers are licensed to specifically drive school buses, receive specific training and … Read more

AIG Insurance Cut My Benefits: What To Do?

Whether you’re one of the unfortunate souls whom AIG insurance stopped long term disability payments, or have had a denied disability insurance AIG claim, worry not. Even if you have received an official letter as notice to their recent action to deny or stop benefits, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. In … Read more

ACE INA Cut My Benefits: A Beginner’s Guide to Denied Claim Compensation

It is apparent to many how important insurance is for emergencies. When you get employment, you also receive insurance from your company. This type of insurance is usually offered in groups, so you have other people receiving similar benefits. The coverage varies a lot, but it will all be geared towards health-related concerns. ACE INA … Read more