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Finding a Heart Disease Disability Lawyer

Finding A Heart Disease Disability Lawyer Upon diagnosis of heart disease, many Canadians fear for the worst. Heart disease is a serious condition that requires immediate care and intervention. It is important that upon diagnosis, patients feel supported by the resources they have at hand. Many people consider filing a disability claim for heart disease … Read more

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is on the rise, with Environment Canada stating that this year will be the worst for ticks in both metropolitan and suburban areas. Given changes in climate and what seems to be a new migration of ticks through birds and deer, it is important that one proceeds with caution when venturing into bushes, … Read more

Long Term Disability Lawyer: How to specialize in Long Term Disability Claims

Lawyers who specialize in Long Term Disability Claims are few and far-between. Those who work in the personal injury field will deem themselves as such, but may be ill-equipped to approach the situation with long-term gains for the clients. Branded Personal Injury Lawyers have been known to take greedy fees from the clients represent. This … Read more

Types of Disability Claims

One would consider filing a disability claim if they have endured a sudden injury or illness that has prohibited them from working. These instances often lead to a downfall in the maintenance of the social, economic and health standards that an individual once had secured.  Long Term Disability Insurance Some employers equip their staff with … Read more