ACE INA Denied My Claim: What to Do Now?

Denied Claim Overview

If you have been asking yourself “why has my insurance company denied my claim?” even after reading disapproval letters from your insurance company, chances are you do not agree with the decision.
There can be many reasons why your claim was denied, but if you think that you have done your part and that it should have been approved, you can appeal to the court so the insurance company can reconsider it.
ACE INA insurance claims have been recently put on the spotlight due to the recent $20 million case involving it and 9 other insurance companies. The suing party is a non-profit housing management company based in High River. The case was filed at Calgary’s Court of Queen’s Bench. The company, Foothills Foundation alleges that the companies have to pay for all damages caused by the 2013 flood. This includes equipment remediation and replacement, structural damages, personal property damages and similar items. All damages come from three facilities in High River, one in Black Diamond and a management building in High River. The foundation claimed that the insurance companies have not even provided reimbursements for costs associated with the continuity of the business after the calamity.
The foundation is seeking compensation for the amount of $20 million covering the abovementioned damages and several unspecified aggravated, exemplary, and punitive damages. There has been no public statement from the defendants nor an official outcome of the matter. But this has led many ACE INA policy holders to question the company’s loyalty to its clients.

About the ACE INA Group and Insurance Claims

The ACE Group wherein ACE INA belongs to is a worldwide provider for multiline property and casualty insurance. Ace military insurance is also part of it. It operates in fifty-three countries and offers insurance for personal accident, supplemental health, casualty, reinsurance and life, and many others. It has over 17,000 employees with $92.5 billion in assets. If you want to be successful in getting a claim against a giant corporation like this, you need more than just a lawyer. You have to hire someone who has closely worked with clients with similar issues against ACE INA.

ACE INA Denied My LTD Claim

Once you receive the letter and see that it has been wrongfully denied, you can contact you insurance company first for clarification. It is natural to try to settle matters calmly by talking it out. If your company is willing to discuss your query, then give it time and provide your utmost cooperation. However, if they still refuse to pay your claim despite further supporting evidence, you can file an appeal to the court.
When you had your physical disability insurance denied, the first reason that comes to mind is that you might be lacking medical proof. It is very important that you provide all possible proof you can get to your insurance company first. Because after the case is submitted to court for review, you won’t be able to give more evidence. Lack of documents will be blamed on negligence on your part.
If you are new to all the processes, it is best that you make a physical disability insurance claim with the advice of a disability lawyer. There are a lot of advantages of doing this, plus you save time because you don’t need to research the steps.
In terms of cost, most lawyers provide advice for free. As long as you don’t ask them to make the documents, and just get verbal advice, there should be no charges. To make sure, discuss this matter first before you go on with the details. Good lawyers will be able to give you answers right away based on their experience. Also, it is best that you bring documents about your case and show it to them for a quick run through. This way the advice is more tailored for your situation.

How to Prepare for the Denied Insurance Case

Apart from getting a strong legal representative, you also need to be well-educated of what’s going to happen. Read about ACE INA reviews. Find out what they’re offering and how their clients respond to their service. Get a clear view of the company background, how they deal with other people who filed for claim appeals, and the success rate of such people against them.
Disability claim lawyers also do their own research of the other party. They will look into many cases of the same complications. They will study how the company’s approached the complaint. By doing this, your lawyer will be able to come up with a solid approach to back up your appeal. Also, he can come up with several scenarios that may arise from your initial approach and then formulate counters as needed. Being prepared is very important so much of the time before a trial is spent reading information. It is best you do your own research so you are ready whenever you are called to speak.