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Disability Lawyer and Disability Claim Lawyers: Toronto

Are You Facing a Denied Insurance Claim? When you have a disability claim denied, it would be in your benefit to contact a disability claims lawyer upon receipt, before initiating the appeal process yourself. Disability claims lawyers are experts in insurance law, as well are knowledgeable in the legalities of the relationship between an insurance … Read more

Disability Claims Lawyers: Facts & Figures of Disabilities

Did you know: over 1 billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. Disability Claims Lawyer: Toronto, Ontario & GTA Region Facts About 15% of the world’s population have significant difficulties in functioning healthily. Rates of disability are increasing due to aging, chronic health conditions, and accidents. Source: WHO. Because disability can be hereditary, … Read more

Disability Claim Attorney

If it appears that your condition will persist for over 120 days, it is advisable to apply for a long term disability claim early. You may suffer long term or short term disability as a result of an accident or even by reason of disabling medical conditions. One thing that you must know is that … Read more

How to Claim Successfully for Long Term Disability

Paying insurance premiums regularly is not an easy feat when you are well aware of how much it sets you back a month. However, insuring the welfare of the family is important that is why getting long term disability Ontario is necessary. A long term disability Manulife coverage allows you to claim financial compensation when … Read more

AIG Insurance Cut My Benefits: What To Do?

Whether you’re one of the unfortunate souls whom AIG insurance stopped long term disability payments, or have had a denied disability insurance AIG claim, worry not. Even if you have received an official letter as notice to their recent action to deny or stop benefits, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. In … Read more

What To Do With Denial of Disability

It is not a common practice among insurance companies and other providers to deny claims. The denial of disability benefits is an expected outcome in 1 out of 5 applications. Reconsiderations after this are even more prone for denials. Whenever you submit a claim to the insurance company, you will receive a denial notice if … Read more

What to Do If Fairfax Denied My Claim

Road accidents are some of the most common scenarios people buy insurance for. There may be a lot of damages involved, including a life. If you have your own car insurance and have been in a car accident recently, the first thing that comes to mind is to file a claim to your insurance provider. … Read more