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Disability Lawyer and Disability Claim Lawyers: Toronto

Are You Facing a Denied Insurance Claim? When you have a disability claim denied, it would be in your benefit to contact a disability claims lawyer upon receipt, before initiating the appeal process yourself. Disability claims lawyers are experts in insurance law, as well are knowledgeable in the legalities of the relationship between an insurance … Read more

Disability Claim Attorney

If it appears that your condition will persist for over 120 days, it is advisable to apply for a long term disability claim early. You may suffer long term or short term disability as a result of an accident or even by reason of disabling medical conditions. One thing that you must know is that … Read more

How to Get Long Term Disability from Work

A long-term illness can cause financial strain to an individual, especially when he or she is forced to stay out of work. Statistics show that 30% of the working class from ages 25 and above are prone to accidents or illnesses that may result in long-term leave from work. Most of these occurrences are outside … Read more