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Service Animal Rights & Benefits

There are Canadian federal laws that require public and privately owned establishments to allow people with disability to bring their service animals onto the business or location premises. This means that a person with a disability is allowed, with their service animal, to go anywhere on the business’ premises where customers are allowed to go. … Read more

Permanent Disability Attorney

A permanent disability attorney, a disability insurance lawyer and a long-term disability lawyer all practice under the same light, they are just using different titles. The most trustworthy title is a long-term disability lawyer, also known as an LTD disability lawyer. Whether you are applying for short-term coverage, long-term or permanent disability support, a LTD … Read more

Financial Help for Disabled Citizens: A Long Term Disability Lawyer Can Help.

People with disabilities can apply for disability help to pay for medical bills and basic living expenses. It is understandable that some people are not capable of performing duties due to physical and mental impairments, so the government sets aside funds to provide financial backing to qualified people. An individual needs a source of income … Read more

Denial of Disability? Get Compensated with a Long Term Disability Lawyer

It is nerve-wracking to deal with a disability while worrying about your financial situation. Most people get private insurance to have back-up for such situations. Companies also provide group insurance coverage to aid employees during a time of need. However, the current system is still unclear and a high percentage of insurance claims still get … Read more