Appealing Long Term Disability Denial

Appealing long term disability denial can be tough. Our disability lawyers are here to help with your insurance claim appeals.

Long Term Disability Claims can be a lengthy process. In many cases, an appeal may go through two or three review sessions until a satisfactory conclusion is made. _ Do not despair – here at TSF Law, our top disability lawyers are here to help._

Insurance companies, ODSP, or CPP?

Our government is designed to assist us in times of need. However, large corporations such as Sun Life and Blue Cross have been designed to maximize profits. These companies may prove to be difficult to work with during the claims process. You should exercise extreme caution before submitting an appeal. Most disability lawyers will recommend you seek professional help. Contact us – we are here to educate and assist you.

Background on the Disability Claims Process

If you would like to know the intricacies of the long term disability claims process, we encourage you to read this link: Disability Claim Denied the First Time. Many people are denied after going through the claim application and filing for a long term disability or personal injury insurance claim.

How should you handle the appeal?

A quick online search will reveal templated letters, DIY appeals kits, and large books designed to educate you. While these resources may be useful to understand the process, they do not replace the added benefit of legal representation from a long term disability lawyer. In short, seek legal advice immediately. Our team has years of experience working with claimants and are a valuable resource.

Do not take your life into your own hands when appealing long term disability denial. You may end up in debt and physical/mental instability from the arduous process.

When hiring a lawyer, expect to gain access to a platform designed to support you. Legal management will assist in gathering pertinent information in your case including: doctors’ notes, accident statements and reports, medical records and files, and other information. Your long term disability claim must be expertly built in order to defeat any doubt in your claim.

Experts say: DO NOT file another long term disability claim on your own.

If you are considering authoring a second appeal for long term disability on your own accord without adequate representation, you may be denied a second time. In most cases, claimants will not have another chance to appeal. This course of action would have a negative impact on your health – life-altering changes will occur.

43% of CPP appeals were successful from 2013-2014 (source).

Insurance companies may have a backlog of appeals which will add time to the decision. You may be subjected to waiting and a long administrative process which will drain you financially. Many long term disability lawyers and appeal experts will be able to assist with funds depending on your case. We suggest you contact us for more information – there may be an opportunity to help.

Appealing Long Term Disability Denial: We’re always there for you.

Along with our free consultation, if your case is taken on, we may assign a personal support worker to help with your physical or mental ailments in the process. This is an important part of rehabilitation for you. The services that an expert long term disability professional may provide for you will help in the long run.
It is at this point that TSF Law suggests you retain legal council and further your claim appeal process with legal representation and guidance. We do not want anyone to give up, feel defeated, and resort to disability loans.
Regardless of the options of appeal presented by the insurance company, whether after the first claim denial, or denial at the final appeal process, this does not mean that:

  1. The Insurance Company is in the right
  2. You do not qualify for the financial and medical security and support that you should be receiving from the Insurance Company, after filing your claim
    If your long term disability claim has been denied, or you feel that you or a loved one have been wrongfully denied long-term disability, then we highly suggest you contact a Disability Claim Attorney.

Further, if you have any questions or concerns regarding a filed disability claim, or how to begin the appeal process to a denied disability claim, TSF Law are here to help. Please Contact Us for any questions.